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email to Roger Gough 2014

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Dear Councillor Gough


As a successful home educator of 20 years experience. Having read KCC's recent paper to the Cabinet to approve the revised Elective Home Education Policy. I am very disappointed with its contents which clearly breach the Government's statutory guidelines on home education. 


Kent County Council have deliberately misconstrued its statutory duty to impose itself on home educating families in my opinion. The guidelines to Local Authorities are very clear and set out the requirements as to how Local Authorities should conduct themselves. The report states that punitive action will be taken against families should they refuse to comply with the illegal and un-reasonable requests made by this Council.   


Having watched the webcast of the Cabinet meeting on 7th July, I am surprised you made no reference to Graham Stuart's letter he sent to you outlining his concerns pertaining to the draft policy. Graham Stuart MP made reference to the relevant sections in statute and indeed the Guidelines highlighting the breaches KCC's draft policy will make if the Council forge ahead with it in its current structure. 


Councillor Gary Cooke did point out that yourself and Mr Patrick Leeson should meet with home educators to discuss further the draft policy.  Because of my considerable experience in the area of home education, I would like to be invited to any meetings that are arranged in due course. 


I am sure you recall the last conflict this Council caused because of the lack of knowledge cabinet members publically displayed  and indeed, how it interprets the Guidelines and Law. 


I look forward to meeting you along with other home educating parents for a positive discussion to formulate a workable document which will ensure the Council adheres to the Guidelines for Local Authorities.  


Correspondence can either be emailed to me on the above email address or my home address:


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