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reply to Vanda from Micheal Jarvis

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I have finally received a reply from Michael Jarvis - standard response.  He is clearly lost for words.............


Thank you for your email and your comments have been duly noted. Obviously, we should have done more research on this important topic before it was discussed at the meeting on Friday and I apologise for my lack of understanding at the time.


Best Regards

Cllr. Michael Jarvis


My reply to him below.........


Dear Mr Jarvis


Thank you for your reply.


I am an experienced home educator of 18 years and I am very well versed in the law pertaining to home education. 


You don't appear to have any understanding about the issues you were scrutinising.  You clearly stated in your e-mail that you should have done more research.  What are you proposing to do now that you have acknowledged this?   I am very disappointed that you have failed to address my pertinent point of asking you all  for a consultation with the home educating community. 


For us home education is more than just "an important topic", it is a fundamental way of life  and to see   people in a position of authority  holding a meeting and debate issues they clearly know nothing about is un-professional and insulting. The meeting was nothing more than contemptible; being conducted by a gathering of un-informed people who have failed to involve the very community who mattered most. Us.


I would appreciate further answers to the important issue of a consultation with home educators - I know a few of us would welcome the opportunity  to meet with you and your colleagues to enlighten you about the primary legislation pertaining to home education and the responsibilities of the Local Authority. 


Yours sincerely



Mrs V Alexander


I have received a further e-mail from Mr Jarvis    below..........



From: "Michael.Jarvis@kent.gov.uk" <Michael.Jarvis@kent.gov.uk>
To: vanda.alexander@btinternet.com
Sent: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 11:42
Subject: RE: Home Education
Dear Mrs Alexander


Thank you for your email. I have asked Mr Tim Fox who is the Children Educated at Home Consultant at KCC to response back you shortly.


Best Regards

Cllr. Michael Jarvis


My reply.....


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Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 11:50

Dear Mr Jarvis


With all due respect, it is not Tim Fox I wish to hear from.  You are on the Scrutiny Committee it is for you and your colleagues to answer my questions.  I have in the past spoken to Tim and met with him last year to discuss home education issues. I know he is fully aware of  his responsibilities and he has been very supportive to home educators. 


I do not understand why you want Tim to commence a dialogue with me. 


Yours sincerely



Mrs Alexander






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