Using the Public Wiki



Welcome to this public wiki. In joining up to this workspace, you will be able to comment on, add to or edit any pages. It goes without saying that as it is a public wiki - which means anyone has access and can read what is written here - we would ask that you are mindful with your language and with personal data, especially those of others.


If you do not want your email address to show when you add your comments, then please click on My PBWorks at the top left of the screen and Click on Profile and uncheck the box that says 'Let registered users see my email address'. On the Home page you can set whether, or how often, you wish to receive notifications and you can add other email addresses under the Email tab.


To begin with we will probably set your access to reader only, which means you can read anything and comment as well. If you wish to add your own documentation or feed into any work-in-progress, then please email me with details and we'll change your setting so that you can do that or direct you to the action wiki where can collaborate on group activity.


We do not want to refuse access, limit what people can do or control the flow of information, but we do have to be careful who we grant permissions to, as it is a public wiki. We do not need any trolls changing the info on here, if genuine home educators are using the site for information. We hope you understand.


If you want to do something but don't know how, click on the 'Help' at the top right of the screen or email me and I'll try and help (I'm learning too!).