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21012012 CM email to KCC

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I have just viewed the webcast for the meeting held on the 13 January 2012, I would like to ask you a few questions and would appreciate your response.
With regards home educated children in the Kent area:

It is stated that home educated children will be directly linked as required through statute to a traditional setting like a school and that the childs attainments will be linked in with the schools. (sorry that may not be a direct quote)
May i ask what this statute is?
how this will be implemented?
how will home educated childrens attainment be quantified, as many never take exams?

I feel that from hearing yourself and the other speakers that little is know about how home education works so i would like to offer you the chance to come and visit my family and see how home education really works. You mention the hours children learn, I would like to explain that there are many ways to learn, and this does not have to include a timetable or sit to the table learning from text books, it is possible to learn autonomously and unstructured, this is the natural way to learn, parents dont set a timetable for their child learning to walk or talk or roll over. Learning comes naturally and most home educated children do very well in adult life. This is a serious offer, you are more than welcome to come and see how a home ed family works I do however live many miles away. But may i suggest that you and the other committe members contact more home educating families in your area and take some time to learn about how it works and the real issues facing us. There are hundreds of websites and forums that I am sure many home educators would be more than happy to explain how home ed works. I really think if you are going to make a comment then you need to have made some effort to research it first.

It is mentioned that 9 families were visited and they all said they were lonely, i think this has been taken out of context, or those families were carefully picked for the purpose of the review, most home educating families do not get lonely, if anything we struggle to find enough time to fit in all the outings and activities.

As for the unknowns, may the gods keep them that way, the children who are unknown are able to live the life they choose without the interference of the LA, it was mentioned numerous times that there was support for home educators offered by those doing the visits, may i ask in what form is this support? I do not know a single person (and i know approx 600 home ed families) that feels the LA offers no support at all. You made a few comments about support, do you actually know what happens when a visit is made and what their legal duty is? These people offer no support (would be great if they did) they do not offer details of support groups or play meets, or exam entry help etc. What support do you think they should offer? Visits are intrusive and patronising and serve no purpose to home educators apart from inconvenience,

I appreciate your time and look forward to your response


Response from Gary Cooke - 21012012   Response from Michael Jarvis - 21012012

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