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Response from Michael Jarvis - 21012012

Page history last edited by Sarita 8 years, 8 months ago

FrontPage Individual Letters to KCC 21012012 CM email to KCC



Thank you for your email. While I do appreciate that some parents are very capable of providing a good education at home for their children, I was very concern on the high numbers we currently have in Kent that were on our official listing and more dismay that we do not know the actual figures at present.

You may have a set agenda for teaching your child, but each parent is different and while some children are getting a broader education, some are not especially those from migrant families.

I understand that there is help from the local authorities to provide computer equipment and books etc, but maybe as you rightly pointed out we have not done enough to communicate this to home educators.

If you wish, I would be happy to visit you and see at first hand how home education works. This was a report presented to members to note but as an authority there is more we need to know from home educators in helping us to make the right decisions going forward and of course providing the necessary support and advice.

Best Regards
Cllr. Michael Jarvis
KCC Member for Margate & Cliftonville

Comments (3)

vanda alexander said

at 3:49 pm on Jan 23, 2012

If they want to know more from home educators in helping them to make the right decisions - they should put a consultation link on their website and give everybody an opportunity to tell them how home education works. It really is not that difficult.

What does he mean "He understands there is help from Local Authorities to provide computer equipment and books etc". Well what is there to understand, he either is aware or he is not aware. The word " maybe" suggests they are doubtful as to whether or not they really want to widely communicate this facility.

Sarita said

at 9:41 pm on Jan 23, 2012

I think they are getting confused with registered pupils who are home-tutored but still under LA supervision. They just do not understand. Am going to add the replies to my ranty email (sorry, it was late and I was fuming!).

phoenix said

at 10:24 pm on Jan 23, 2012

Cllr Jarvis, it's 'concerned' on the first line, not 'concern'. Were you school-educated by any chance? Now, what's this talk about the provision of computer equipment and books?

I am almost inclined to request a couple of ipads, after all, it is in writing and unqualified... Seriously, if he has not even got a handle on the basics of home-education, how much faith can be placed in him?!

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