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KCC Plans

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Current Children Educated at Home Policy

This document serves to show how KCC has never implemented the 2007 EHE Guidelines for LAs.


Kent Education Restructuring Consultation

This document details the proposals for budget cuts and restructuring within the education department at KCC. Please note that EHE will sit within the INCLUSION team! - speaks volumes of what their intent is! The consultation is open until 25th February 2012. 


Kent Proposals for Children Educated at Home Policy

A full critique of this document will appear here as soon as it is ready.  


Webcast of Meeting to discuss Children Educated at Home

(the relevant portion is at 2hrs and 35mins in)

Home educators are furious at the opinion and conjecture witnessed on this webcast, without a single iota of fact to back them up. Find out what you can do to help educate KCC on how home education works and how home education law applies to the LA.


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